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Marketing & beyond

Understanding the sports business and customer needs is our job.

Our unique business perspective and creativity is beyond expectation. It is more than marketing, it is more than customer satisfaction, it is marketing & beyond! Experience working with us!


In a short amount of time, Durby Sports Marketing has succeeded in becoming the first choice for multi-national companies due to a very simple reason: we speak the same language.
As former multi-national company employees, we understand perfectly what consumers expectations are. DSM’s performance is highly appreciated due to the unique perspective about sports marketing and solutions we offer. Our slogan, “marketing and beyond”, is reflected in all our activities. Corporate consulting is one of the major business elements for our team, and we ensure that we deliver marketing and commercial objectives for our clients. From budget planning to team sponsorship, from the stadiums naming rights up to licensing, from the contract negotiations up to hospitality, we cover the entire range of sport business opportunities.

Our guidelines for success are:
  • to maximize exposure within the budget
  • to understand customer needs and expectations
  • to bring brilliant ideas to partners
  • to find excellent solutions for every budget
  • to deliver expected return on investment
  • providing full marketing support to our clients
  • close follow up for brand building opportunities
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