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Marketing & beyond

Understanding the sports business and customer needs is our job.

Our unique business perspective and creativity is beyond expectation. It is more than marketing, it is more than customer satisfaction, it is marketing & beyond! Experience working with us!


Merchandising and licensing has an essential place in sports organizations.
A strong merchandising and licensing strategy allows opportunities for sports brands to extend their relationship with consumers and fans, outside the field of play. It is equally important as sponsorship, advertising, PR, hospitality and social media. Merchandising and licensing is not only important for brand owners to enhance brand image and awareness, but is equally important as a modern communication platform.

We have experience with partnering the most important club merchandising project in Romania; FC Steaua Bucharest. We succeeded in our first season to satisfy customers and fans by expanding the Clubs product range and increasing quality. As a second step, we increased the number of shops (up to 22 shops in Romania) and consumer purchase possibilities (updating the on-line store, mobile store, phone orders, etc). The third step was to begin a licensing programme, launching products such as beer, stationery, bicycles, credit cards, cola, chocolates and many others. Based on the above experience Durby Sports Marketing is able to start a merchandising and licensing programme for your club or federation, from A to Z, delivering unique experience and financial success for the project.
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