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Marketing & beyond

Understanding the sports business and customer needs is our job.

Our unique business perspective and creativity is beyond expectation. It is more than marketing, it is more than customer satisfaction, it is marketing & beyond! Experience working with us!


Sport is a universal phenomenon which crosses language and social barriers and most importantly, appeals to the masses.
In the last two decades, the sports industry has grown enormously and sports marketing and management has become vital for many organizations. These days, sport has become a huge industry and requires the sports organizations to operate as a company, in many cases as a multi-national company.

Understanding sports organizations and sports business itself, DSM is capable to offer a wide range of services available for each sport, such as:
  • sponsorship planning
  • contract negotiation
  • sponsorship implementation
  • sponsorship evaluation
  • sponsor activation
  • events
  • advertising sales
  • consultancy
  • hospitality
  • venue management
  • PR & communication
  • media rights negotiation
  • commercial rights negotiation
  • merchandising
  • licensing
  • celebrity marketing
  • CSR campaigns
  • league development
  • professional sportswear



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Water Polo


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