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Advertising to a new standard for the Bucharest teams’ matches

For the first time, the most important teams in the capital city benefit from a LED billboard system at the standards established in one of the most powerful championships in Europe, Series A in Italy.
Durby Sports Marketing provides teams FCSB and Dinamo for their own field matches, the most modern advertising system that delivers extended visibility to image partners and companies wishing to promote their brand and products. With two rows of perimeter LED panels that can run simultaneously or complement the partners' messages plus the GoMiLED® system behind the gates, DSM offers the most complete and modern promotion system available at the level of the first national leagues. All three display systems can be synchronized according to the partner's desire, which can benefit from maximum total impact synchronization (line 1 + row 2 + GoMiLED®) or alternative programming of the spots, thus increasing the exposure time during the game.

Taking into account that the two teams' matches are being broadcast by three sports broadcasters (Digi Sport, Telekom Sport and Look TV) with top audiences, they have extensive presence in news services and summaries are available anytime on media servers such as YouTube or Facebook, messages sent through LED panels having a major impact on viewers.

"We are consistent in our efforts to make available to all those interested new, flexible and comprehensive ways to associate their image with the top teams of the 1st League. Moreover, when it comes to the most famous teams, FCSB and Dinamo, teams that are in the attention of millions of fans, we are trying to bring value to innovation. Through flexible exposure modes, in addition to the spectacular synchronized exposure, we offer our partners the ability to display different messages on each row of screens to get the most out of the space to deliver their message to the audience," said Bobby Durbac, general manager Durby Sports Marketing.
10 aug 2018 17:00



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