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Partnership between Durby Sports Marketing and the Romanian Handball Federation

Durby Sports Marketing has the pleasure to inform you on concluding a partnership with the Romanian Handball Federation. Due to this partnership, DSM is empowered to negotiate sponsorship contracts with the companies that want to support the Romanian handball performance. This new partnership is part of the DSM strategy concerning the development of sports discipline portfolio, so that all DSM clients should benefit from a large range of options to achieve their marketing targets.
Also, the present partnership enables us to offer advertising rights for the national male and female handball teams, from junior to senior players, and for matches played within the National Handball League, as a result of several strategic partnerships.

"I am very happy for having signed this partnership with one of the best-known sports federation in Romania. I am also proud of the fact that DSM can contribute to the performance of a sports field, deeply rooted in our tradition. The World Women’s Handball Championship is a good opportunity. The event will take place between 7th -22nd December 2013, in Serbia", said Bobby Durbac, the General Manager for Durby Sports Marketing.
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