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A New Premiere on the New ”Ion Oblemenco”

Romania's first appearance on the home field in 2018 took place on one of the most modern arenas in the country, the newest stadium inaugurated last year in the Bania fortress.
Coming after a victory in the Israel away game, Cosmin Contra's team clashed with Sweden, a team they did not get a chance to take revenge on after the defeat at the World Championship in the United States 24 years ago. By sheer coincidence, the last Romanian victory over the Scandinavians was to happen under the sign of a "Craiova Maxima" emblem, the goal scored by Rodion Camataru on Rasunda stadium in Stockholm being well remembered by Romanian supporters. The Oltenian public was excellent and offered a real show in the stands, in parallel with the one on the field where the Romanians won their fourth victory in six games played under Cosmin Contra's leadership. In addition to the show in the field and in the stands, Durby Sports Marketing contributed to providing the LED panels that facilitated the double production for TV broadcasts in Romania and Sweden. "Ion Oblemenco" is the third modern arena in the country on which DSM provides double production services at the international matches of the Romanian team, after the National Arena and Cluj Arena, with monitoring figures indicating an audience of over 2.2 million viewers per minute of broadcasting on the Pro TV channel. The audience peak occurred at 21:45, when over 2.7 million people were watching this channel. With a rating of 12.7% and a share of 27.1%, the Romania-Sweden match attracted an average of 560,000 people in the commercial audience segment, of those between the ages of 18 and 49, the advertisements of the national team sponsors, have sent messages to the public at large with a significant impact on the target audience.

DSM's external partner, In Sport Promotion company representing the marketing agency of the Swedish federation was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the services received and gave assurances that DSM would be the preferred partner for future collaborations that might come about due to sports events organized in Romania and which will be broadcasted in Sweden.

”DSM's professional accomplishment was fulfilled when its efforts were rewarded by the praise of a renowned foreign partner such as In Sport Promotion. In a field where the smallest of errors is immediately visible to millions of viewers and spectators, Durby Sports Marketing has once again proven that it has the capacity and required flexibility to ensure a level of quality comparable to the strictest of demands in the industry”, stated Bobby Durbac, General manager of Durby Sports Marketing.
30 mar 2018 17:00



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