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Thank you, CS Mioveni! Thank you, Chindia Targoviste! Good luck in League 2!

On Friday evening, CS Mioveni and Chindia Targoviste ended their evolution in Superliga and in the 2023-2024 season they will play in League 2. It will be, we hope, a short stage in the history of the two clubs, which we wish a speedy return to the first football scene of the country.
We take this opportunity to thank them for their open collaboration, at an outstanding professional level and assure them of our full support in our area of expertise. We were particularly moved by the gesture that CS Mioveni made at the last Super League game, to place us as main sponsor on the front of the game T-shirts.

"When you feel and see that your services are appreciated, that you are on the same wavelength with management teams who, despite obstacles from various quarters, strive to ensure a professional working climate, this is a boost. We are sure that the short stopover in League 2 will strengthen both teams and give them a new perspective on their return to Super League," said Bobby Durbac, general manager of Durby Sports Marketing.
20 mai 2023 19:00



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