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Happy Birthday Romania!

During such an auspicious occasion, modern Romania looks back with pride and with confidence towards the future. "Don't ask what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country" is an exhortation that every Romanian must put into practice and contribute to building the future of the great family gathered under our national flag.
The declared mission of Durby Sports Marketing is to support Romanian sport on the international stage, as well as sports groups that operate internally through marketing means, contributing to the creation of a framework that ensures the conditions for obtaining the best results. Through specific activities, DSM makes their brand known, attracts as many spectators as possible to sports arenas and, last but not least, brings the sports phenomenon closer to as many private companies that can materially support Romanian athletes and teams.

For a decade, DSM has been with the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, national federations and football, rugby, ice hockey, fencing, swimming, volleyball, basketball, handball and rhythmic gymnastics sports clubs.

As an example, DSM was actively involved in organizing the most important European football event hosted by Romania, the Europa League finals in 2012, contributing to the promotion of Romanian rugby through the support offered in the old rugby arena "Arc de Triomphe" of five editions of the IRB Nations Cup, a televised competition broadcasted in over 20 countries Moreover, DSM was part of the team that organized the most important event of Romanian hockey in the last 37 years on the ice rink in Galati, group A of the 2nd division of the World Championship. The list goes on, including matches of the national senior and U21 football teams, handball with the national team and women's and men's club teams in EHF Champions League and European League matches, basketball with clubs participating in the FIBA Europe Cup, as well as the Romanian Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix and the Romanian International Swimming Championships.

In the qualification campaigns for the world championships, European championships or in other competitions such as UEFA Nations League and EURO 2020, but also in the preliminary rounds of the continental inter-club competitions, the image partners of the sports entities involved benefited from the professional services offered by DSM which offered a wide range of services. In addition to football clubs such as FC Viitorul (including UEFA Youth League) and FCSB, these services have been made available to rugby, basketball, handball, gymnastics and fencing clubs.

Another way in which DSM supports Romanian sports is the news site SPORTCLASIC.RO, a traditional vision of sports news treated in a modern way that focuses on domestic competitions and international performances of Romanian athletes. With 7 years since its launch, the site has accustomed its readers with classic news exclusively from Romanian sports, concise, to the point, without flourishes and without tabloidization, emphasizing only the quality and promptness of information.

"With an equidistant position, we constantly aim to provide services of the highest quality. For us, the recognition received from our partners, together with which we managed to obtain the leading position on the segment of services we offer gives us a sense of pride. When we need to put our experience at the service of Romania's representatives, we are always open and we will answer their call. Happy Birthday Romania! Good luck to the national athletes!”, transmitted Bobby Durbac, general manager of Durby Sports Marketing.
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