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Gica Craioveanu joins the team of brand ambassadors of the Superbet company in Romania

Superbet is in an on-going campaign to expand its team of brand ambassadors, and Gica Craioveanu joins the group of specialists that include Ilie Dumitrescu, Bogdan Stelea, Catalin Morosanu, Mihai Leu and Daniel Pancu, among others. The emblematic footballer of the '90s becomes the image of the Superbet company in Romania following an image contract signed through Durby Sports Marketing.
Gica Craioveanu is one of the outstanding players of Romanian football. Leaving Constructorul Slatina, the young man, always with a smile on his face, made history in Craiova, winning a title and two Romanian Cups with the University, being the top goalgetter twice within the first league. This was followed by 11 years spent in Spain, with 223 matches and 48 goals in the Primera Division and a statue in Getafe, the only statue of a Romanian athlete abroad. He was one of the most charismatic players of the Romanian National Team for which he wore the shirt 25 times between 1993 and 1999 and scored 4 goals.

After retiring from competitive activity, the former great footballer highlighted his analytical spirit and careful knowledge of Spanish and Romanian football as a permanent collaborator of some media channels in Spain and Romania. Thus, his choice as Brand Ambassador by the leader of the local sports betting market comes naturally, the image association having as common denominator the success based on intelligence and perseverance. At the signing of the contract, Gica Craioveanu said he was excited about his role as Superbet's Brand Ambassador: “After a long break, football is gradually returning to its rightful place, descending from the game consoles back to the grass field. The attention of the lovers of the sport with the round ball is at maximum levels and together with the colleagues from the team of ambassadors of Superbet, some of them having met at the National team, we will help them to transform their passion for football into financial gains”. Referring to the collaboration with DSM, Gica Craioveanu said: “This collaboration of mine with the leader of the local sports betting market could not have been possible without the involvement of Durby Sports Marketing, whom I thank in this way for the professional approach used in our relationship, based on a long-term friendship”.

"Durby Sports Marketing is consistent in expanding the collaboration between Romanian sports legends and local and international companies that want to increase their popularity by associating their image with that of these special people and professionals. Gica Craioveanu chose to continue the collaboration with DSM started over 4 years ago and responded to the invitation to join the pleiad of personalities who chose to collaborate with a company in the field of sports betting to promote the common values of all parties involved”, said Bobby Durbac, director of Durby Sports Marketing.
25 mai 2020 16:30



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