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Durby involved in distributing SAMURAI in Romania

Besides the traditional marketing activities, such as consultancy and advertising, Durby Sports Marketing has enlarged its field of activity for almost 3 years now, by distributing sports equipment in Romania. It is the sole distributor of the high quality SAMURAI products.
The British company used and still uses DSM to deliver its kits for number one rugby teams, and more recently for junior rugby teams. Thus, among the first beneficiaries were: Steaua Bucharest, RCM Timisoara (until this season), Poli Agro Iasi, XV Romanian National Team in 2012, National Team in “7”. For two seasons, the referee lot for all domestic competitions and the official match balls have been provided by SAMURAI.

Durby Sports Marketing has recently facilitated to provide five junior rugby teams from U17 and U18, with the same superb SAMURAI equipment: CS Gold Rosia Montana, RC Cleopatra, RC Tomitanii, RC Kogalniceanu and Industria Sarmei Campia Turzii. The latter has chosen the same equipment for the third consecutive year, due to its quality and services provided by SAMURAI in Romania.

The strategy of SAMURAI for the Romanian market, included launching football equipment range in May 2013. The first Romanian football players fully equipped by SAMURAI were the players of the winning team of the European Champions Cup: Duckadam, Bumbescu, Bărbulescu, Tudorel Stoica, Majearu, Bălan and Pistol, among others.

SAMURAI football products range includes many pieces of equipment, from training equipment, presentation and play equipment to training balls and accessories (bag of balls, fences, etc). as all the other pieces of SAMURAI equipment, the football equipment are manufactured in accordance with the latest world technologies and it can be tailored – made by choosing a unique design satisfying the client’s needs in terms of colours, lettering, embroidery and cut.

The unique design elements of the equipment can be suggested by the client or by the SAMURAI experts. That is why, it is very difficult to find two identical SAMURAI pieces of equipment in terms of colour, in sports clubs /associations. The only element that they have in common is their high QUALITY.
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