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Durby Sports Marketing Celebrates 30 Years from Winning the European Champions Cup with the Heroes of Seville

The greatest performance by a Romanian club team will not be overlooked this year either and will be celebrated in Cheile Gradistei in a festive atmosphere whose organization also involves, as usual, Durby Sports Marketing.
Alongside the heroes of Seville, year after year Durby Sports Marketing contributes to the reunion of the people who on May 7, 1986 were part of the Steaua Bucuresti football team, the first team on the eastern part of the continent to win the European Champions Cup, the most important trophy at European competition level.

The Cheile Gradistei Complex will once again be the host of those who have contributed to this series of continental performances culminating in winning the European Supercup and qualifying for a second time in only three years in the final of the main European club competition. The joy of reunion will be marred by the premature passing away of Lucian Balan, his absence from the group being felt with sadness by his colleagues alongside whom he had worked, fought and known the exhilaration of victories on the pitch.

Given such jubilation, 30 years from winning the trophy, the celebration at Cheile Gradistei will also be attended by Marius Lacatus, recently settled in Spain along with his family, as well as by Anton Weissenbacher, returning to the country after almost 25 years since leaving as a player and settling in Germany. They will be joined by those who have consequently taken part in the annual meetings Duckadam, Bumbescu, Belodedici, Barbulescu, Majearu, Tudorel Stoica, Pistol, while Puiu Iordanescu will lead the team from the dugout in a match against the “national team” of artists to be hosted by the complex gymnasium.

The match will be broadcast live on on Friday, May 5, starting with 17:00, being the fifth consecutive year when the celebration is broadcast to the screen on the respective channel. The promotion provided by DSM for this event expands to the national level thanks to the company’s excellent cooperation with all sports channels and media sources in Romania.

”The performance obtained by Steaua Bucuresti 30 years ago has every chance of remaining a one-time achievement, considering the continental economic and sporting realities. All the more reason for us to pay homage to their effort and to make the young generations aware of the level reached by a Romanian club team in 1986. Therefore, we believe it is our debt of honor to support the organization of these annual meetings and bring them to the attention of the wide audience,” stated Daniel "Bobby" Durbac, Manager of Durby Sports Marketing.
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