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Durby Sports Marketing makes quality investments

Our company takes yet another new step to maintain the avant-garde of high-quality services for clubs and advertising partners in the sports competitions field by purchasing a perimeter advertising system with LED technology for competition halls.
Capable of delivering "state of the art" resolution, the installation successfully fulfills the current rules imposed by European sports federations for indoor sports - volleyball, basketball - and, moreover, will be compatible with future, more restrictive requirements. Being one of the most modern facilities currently available in the country, the system will be used first to carry and transmit the message to the advertising clients in the internal and international calendar matches played by the clubs with which our company will conclude partnerships during the following seasons.

In recent years, DSM has gained a consistent experience in providing indoor sports services, with the new investment setting new standards in the field and within the local market. The company has collaborated with the most prominent clubs in Romania and has successfully supported the promotion of club partners and DSM in the matches played in the FIBA Europe Cup, the domestic championship and the Romanian Cup. The installation will be inaugurated on the return match of the Romanian Cup for men's basketball between Steaua and CSM CSU Oradea, which will be held on Wednesday, March 20th.

Referring to this new investment for the development of the company, Durby Sports Marketing general manager Bobby Durban said: "The media coverage and the attractiveness of the gymnastics in recent years have raised the interest of partners, they want to associate their image with performance in this field. By purchasing this facility we guarantee clubs and partners exposure at the highest industry standards!".
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