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Durby Sports Marketing and Steaua CSM Eximbank - Partnership for Success

Durby Sports Marketing has started a partnership with the basketball club Steaua CSM Eximbank to conduct marketing activities. Returning after two years on the first national basketball scene, benefiting from two strong supporters Steaua - Bucharest City Hall and Eximbank, but alsofrom a truly exceptional club president- Virgil Stanescu.
With an extensive competitive experience and strong charisma, Virgil Stanescu managed to empower all members of the club and fight for the championship title today. Moreover, he is the promoter of openness to the younger generation and the idea that "the family, compassion, courage, integrity and respect are values that define and guide athletes and our organization on the path to excellence," as defined in the team mission statement.

"Our common values have made this partnership happen and Durby Sports Marketing to provide advice and support in conducting this competition season," said Bobby Durbac, general manager of Durby Sports Marketing.

With Travis Watson and Wilburn Amis, IKONOS and Pankracije Goran Barac, with Titus Nicoara and Michael Paul, the team trained by Nicsa Bavcevic and Claudiu Fometescu aims to restore as soon as possible the glow of another time, when they played a semifinal in the European Champions Cup, and added a new title to the 21 of the panoply of the club.

"It is a pleasure to be part of a team where professionalism is the watchword. Along with such a partner, for which performance is a mood, you are encouraged to give what is best for achieving common objectives, "added Bobby Durbac.
17 feb 2015 15:00



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