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On December 8 and 9 ROMEXPO held the Bucharest Gaming Week 2018 event, where the Romanian Football Federation organized an FIFA eSports tournament in which the best players in the country competed.
Following this tournament, the top four players were drafted in the FIFA National Team of Romania, recognized by the Romanian Football Federation.

Taking part wherever the passion for sports is manifested by fans of all ages, Durby Sports Marketing has provided a perimeter LED installation that helped create a miniature replica of a true stadium. Creating the atmosphere of big derbies along with the artificial turf and the mini-stands installed, the setup has simultaneously transmitted the emotion of the competition to both the audience and the competitors. 

"We welcome and support the launching of the Romanian Football Federation in the eSports area, a young branch of sports competitions with great success to the public. There is an important potential for the development of this esports segment and we believe that the local market will respond well to the demand for entertainment generated by the younger generation and beyond. This is why DSM joins initiatives of this type and contributes to creating a pleasant spectacle for all involved parties, spectators, competitors and organizers", said Durby Sports Marketing general manager Bobby Durbac.
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