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DSM, awarded by AFAN

Among those distinguished during the 2017 AFAN gala was Bobby Durbac, general director of Durby Sports Marketing, who received the award for best collaborator from the organizers.
As a consistent backer of the largest event hosted by the Association of Amateur and Non-amateur Footballers of Romania, now in its 5th year, DSM has had a significant contribution to bring success and continuous improvement of the event which is a fact that was picked on by both the leaders of the organization as well as mass media representatives. The AFAN gala took place Sunday evening in the Round hall of the Intercontinental hotel and brought together the most prominent persons involved with the Romanian football scene. During this event, several performances of 2017 were awarded as well as excellence and competitiveness which make football the most beloved and popular sport to date.

“When it comes to expressing the voting options of the people that breathe and live for football and the awarding of their most appreciated representatives, it is our duty to prove our respect for their efforts and to get involved in order to create a modern and attractive event for those rewarded. I am especially honored by the appreciation shown to our team effort that DSM provided again for this year’s edition of the AFAN Gala and I must reassure the organizers of our support for next year’s edition as well”, declared Bobby Durbac.

Based on the votes casted by football players and trainers that are active in the first three national leagues, the top football player of the year 2017 was Constantin Budescu and the best of the starting young players Dennis Man. Crowning an exceptional year for the club that he supports and leads, Gheorghe Hagi was declared “coach of the year 2017” while the foreign player with the best performance was considered by voters to be Filipe Teixeira.

The awarding of the prize for excellence to Mr. Mircea Dridea was another special moment, a recognition of his contributions to the development and promoting of football. For his performance over the many years of his prodigious career, Marius Niculae, Florin Lovin and Ianis Zicu received awards for their entire football careers.

The event will benefit from a broader coverage compared to previous editions and will be broadcasted live exclusively on TVR HD, the host being Marian Olaianos.

The nominees list for the AFAN Awards is as follows:

1. The best up and coming football player – Dennis Man
2. The best Romanian football player of 2017 – Constantin Budescu
3. The best foreign football player in Romania – Filipe Teixeira
4. The best “11” team - Florin Niță, Romario Benzar, Mihai Bălașa, Bogdan Țîru, Cristian Ganea, Constantin Budescu, Filipe Teixeira, Mihai Pintilii, Harlem Gnohere, Denis Alibec, Alexandru Băluță
5. The best coach – Gheorghe Hagi
6. The best female football player – Andreea Voicu
7. The best futsal player – Savio Valadares
8. The best referee – Ovidiu Hațegan
9. The lifetime football career award - Marius Niculae, Florin Lovin, Ianis Zicu
10. The award for excellence – Mircea Dridea
11. The best football leader – Valeriu Argăseală
12. The best radio commentator – Robert Sisca
13. The best television journalist – Vali Moraru
14. The best field reporter – Elsion Vaso
15. The best sports news anchor – Costin Deșliu
16. The best print press journalist – Ovidiu Ioanițoaia
17. The best collaborator – Bobby Durbac

The Association of Amateur and Non-amateur Footballers of Romania (AFAN) is the syndical organization of professional and amateur football players in Romania, affiliated internationally with FIFPro and nationally with the National Syndicates Block with its main purpose to represent and defend the rights and interests of professional and amateur players in the Ist, IInd and IIIrd Leagues as well as the other Leagues, including women’s football, futsal, junior leagues and those of football coaches.
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