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DSM expands its technical portfolio with a state-of-the-art installation

The rugby match between CSA Steaua and Dinamo Bucharest to be played on Friday 21 April at the Ghencea arena will be the first event where Durby Sports Marketing will use its new LED perimeter advertising installation.
Being the fruit of an investment that shows the company's commitment to permanently raise the quality level of the services provided to its partners, the new installation is one of the most modern installations used for sports competitions and not only.

The installation provides perfect coverage of the cameras’ entire field of view for television broadcasts from the Super League stadiums and indoor competitions. With 10 mm pixel pitch, the installation displays outstandingly clear images and the transitions in the animated spots are fluid, without interruptions. These characteristics also recommend it for use in multi-purpose halls, meeting the regulations of the continental forums for indoor sports.

"As luck would have it, our new investment will be inaugurated on the occasion of a traditional rugby derby. The long collaboration with CSA Steaua, the closeness I have to this sport in the spirit of which my father raised me and then I developed as a professional, give a special note to this important event in the life of the company", said Bobby Durbac, General Manager of Durby Sports Marketing. "We are aware that only by investing in infrastructure and specialists can we grow with our partners. This new facility gives us a strong case for positioning ourselves as the first choice in providing professional services in the upcoming competitive season," added Bobby Durbac.
19 mai 2023 17:00



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