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Durby Sports Marketing Helps Launch PANINI’s First Album for LEAGUE 1

Professional Football League and Panini announce the release on the Romanian market of the first album LEAGUE 1. Beginning Friday, January 30, at newsstands across the country are available LEAGUE 1 album with stick-ages for collection.
Last summer, the Professional Football League and Panini laid the foundations of a partnership- launch on the market of the first album Panini. It is the first time in Romania when football fans will be able to collect stick-ages with the football players of all the teams in League 1 in an album. This album is the tribute that the Professional Football League offers those who invest their emotions in players and favorite clubs in the National Championship League 1. The album complements their emotions, helping each fan to achieve its own football almanac. Also, along partnership Professional Football League and Panini will provide numerous contests with prizes for all fans who make their target from completing the album. Panini Italy is one of the largest companies worldwide, dealing with the market launch of albums which collect on their pages outstanding figures of sport or entertainment. Thus, Romania, PFL and League 1 join a global project, which includes sports giants like FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, NBA or outstanding representatives of the entertainment such as Disney and Harry Potter. In developing and implementing this initiative, Durby Sports Marketing, a company that was directly involved in all project phases, plays an important role from initiation to implementation and promotion. "Panini albums are more than a way to promote the image of clubs and players in League 1, they are an invitation to the younger generation, to approach the phenomenon of football and to appreciate the sports show," said Bobby Durbac, Durby Sports Marketing. "We are glad we had the opportunity to be part of this project with a multinational company recognized by the king of sports fans around the world," Bobby Durbac added.
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