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Understanding the sports business and customer needs is our job.

Our unique business perspective and creativity is beyond expectation. It is more than marketing, it is more than customer satisfaction, it is marketing & beyond! Experience working with us!


Activities related to sport, affected by the interruption of competitions

The pandemic has put sports activities on a break, as do many other economic fields of activity. Isolated in homes, we all look forward to the fastest and lowest impact of the wave of Coronavirus infection, and we look on, with confidence, believing that we will soon enjoy quality sports shows in both the national football leagues and in those of team sports, which are in advanced stages of competitions.
As part of the sports show through the services we promote, Durby Sports Marketing can do more than promote the recommended measures of prevention and respect the rules imposed at national level as a responsible citizen in our society. DSM assures its partners that as soon as the competitions resume, we will put to work the resources that made us a staple over time at their full capacity, as one of the most important providers of professional services in the field of marketing sports.

"We are going through a difficult period, full of events that especially affect the personal life of each one of us, but we cannot neglect the professional activity. The passion and creativity of our team is a resort that constantly pushes us to go beyond our professional boundaries, and this will help us stay in the poll position once life returns to normal”, says Bobby Durbac, DSM general manager.
18 mar 2020 14:00



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