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DSM Premiere in Europa League playoffs

During the collaboration with FC Viitorul, after the premiere of getting involved in the first derby of the 3rd preliminary round of the UEFA Champions League, Durby Sports Marketing contributed to the smooth running of the match played by the Romanian champion in the UEFA Europe League play-offs.
Just as with the match against APOEL Nicosia in the preliminary tour of the most important European competition, the Ovidiu arena match between FC Viitorul and the Austrian FC Salzburg also saw the involvement of DSM in organizational, media and marketing aspects in addition to television broadcasting rights mediation services.

The clash between Viitorul Constanta - FC Salzburg, commented by Marian Olaianos and Emil Hossu-Longin, brought an average of nearly 750,000 viewers to TVR 1 who broadcasted the match live.

On average 745.000 Romanians tuned in on the broadcast Thursday night, with TVR 1 recording an average rating of 4.1% in the interval 21.43-23.34 and an average market share of 11% at the national level. TVR 1 positioned itself on the third place in the ratings rankings for the night of August 17th. In the matter of urban audiences, the Europa League playoff game was followed by 405,000 viewers (average rating 4.2%, average share 11.3%), out of which 164.000 were the commercial target (3.6% average rating, 11.1% average market share respectively).

The most viewed moment of the match happened at 21.58 when 984,000 Romanians tuned in for the live broadcast of TVR 1 at Ovidiu (rating 5.5%, national share 13.4%).

"DSM stands with Romania's champion team in the effort to represent national football in continental competitions. Just as we have during the championship, we offer our entire expertise to FC Viitorul first of all, but also to companies wishing to associate their image with a large scale event. The match between Viitorul Constanta and FC Salzburg reached top audience levels for TVR 1”, said Bobby Durbac, general director of Durby Sports Marketing.
18 aug 2017 18:00



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