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GoMiLed - DSM innovation in the I-st League

Consistent in its efforts to offer its clients the best promotional opportunities on sports arenas, Durby Sports Marketing brings a new display method which offers innovation in terms of image exposure.
The led panel system which was especially designed to be placed behind football gates has great visibility during goal moments and has maximum impact during instant replays, having the distinct advantage both during the games as well as after during television broadcasts, but also through digital media. The efficiency of the system has already been proven in the preliminary games of the UEFA Champions League as well as the 1st league championship.

Everyone wishes that their brand be visible during the most memorable moments, those of scoring a goal or during a great offense, moments that are replayed over and over by television stations both during and after the game. With GoMiLed this becomes possible and available to any company having the most efficient results due to the fact that these advertisements are the only ones visible in tight frame replays.

This innovation is an exclusive property of DSM and Cedru, the GoMiLed (Goal Mini Led) industrial design and trademark are protected by registration with the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks DSM is open to any and all collaborations for the use of the system during sporting events.

“I am convinced that in the context in which television has achieved incredible performance in broadcasting a football match, with replays from all possible angles and the highest quality of commentary, GoMiLed becomes the only instrument capable to promote images visible in all replays that focus on the gate and the moment in which a goal is scored. Moreover, the value of the budget is accessible, the visibility of the brand being correlated to the number of minutes purchased by the partner”, explains Bobby Durbac, the general director of Durby Sports Marketing.
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