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A festival for young rugby in Ghencea

The Municipal Rugby Association of Bucharest together with the Steaua Club and with the support of Durby Sports Marketing is organizing the first edition of the Radu Durbac Children's Rugby Festival. On November 3rd, the youngest practitioners of the sport with the oval ball will meet on the grounds of the Ghencea Sports Complex to fight with ambition for the trophy bearing the name of one of the most famous Romanian rugby players.
Radu Durbac played over 30 matches as a defender of the national team in the 1970s and was a part of the 15-10 victory over France from Bucharest in 1974, in a period that the chroniclers called the "ascent" Romanian rugby. Unfortunately, Radu Durbac and his generation colleague, Florică Murariu, died in the line of duty during the events of December 1989, over 30 years ago.

After a period when investments in local rugby have stagnated and even diminished, any effort aimed at raising new generations close to the sporting and performance phenomenon deserves to be supported. That is why Durby Sports Marketing is happy to support a competition that brings together an impressive number of kids: six U8 teams, 9 U10 teams, 12 U12 teams and five U14 teams.

The schedule for the games is as follows:

Children ”U”8
10:00 RC Grivita – Victoria Cumpana
10:15 Dinamo-Soimii – Soimii
10:30 CSS Ilfov – Viitorul Pantelimon
10:45 RC Grivita – Dinamo-Soimii
11:00 Soimii – CSS Ilfov
11:15 Victoria Cumpana – Viitorul Pantelimon

Children ”U”10
10:00 RC Grivita – Viitorul Pantelimon
10:15 Cetate Rasnov – Soimii
10:30 Victoria Cumpana – Dinamo-Soimii
10:45 Viitorul Pantelimon – CSS-CSA Steaua
11:00 Gloria Buzau – Cetate Rasnov
11:15 Dinamo-Soimii – RC Grivita
11:30 Soimii – Victoria Cumpana
11:45 CSS-CSA Steaua – CSS Ilfov

Children ”U”12
10:00 RC Cristian – Gloria Buzau
10:20 RC Brasov – Soimii
10:40 CSS Ilfov – Viitorul Pantelimon
11:00 Rugby Sacele – CSO Ovidiu
11:20 RC Grivita – Aurora Baicoi
11:40 Dinamo-Soimii – CS Olimpia
12:00 CSO Ovidiu – CSS Ilfov
12:00 RC Cristian – RC Brasov
12:20 Aurora Baicoi – Dinamo-Soimii
12:20 Gloria Buzau – CS Olimpia
12:40 Soimii – Rugby Sacele
12:40 Viitorul Pantelimon – RC Grivita

Children ”U”14
13:00 CSS-CSA Steaua – RC Cristian
13:25 Viitorul Pantelimon – Triumf-Soimii
13:50 RC Grivita – CSS-CSA Steaua
14:15 RC Cristian – Viitorul Pantelimon

Bobby Durbac, the son of the late Radu Durbac and general manager of Durby Sports Marketing, had this to say about the event: "I am pleased, both as a former rugby player and as a person involved in the sporting phenomenon in general, that we can contribute to supporting an initiative of whose winners are the children. Their development as sportsmen, the taste for performance, but also the relation to the Romanian rugby legend Radu Durbac, are the main experiences to be had at the end of the competition. I am confident that Romanian rugby has the resources to go back to where it was, and for this we need to support passionate people like those involved in junior training. Last but not least, I would like to thank the Municipal Rugby Association of Bucharest for this initiative”.
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