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DSM Supports the LPF (Football Professional League) and Panini for the Launch of the New LIGA I 2015-2016 Album

After its involvement in the launch and success of the inaugural edition, Durby Sports Marketing has again joined PANINI and LPF contributing to the launch of the new LIGA I 2015-2016 thanks to which the fans of the king of sports, all the Romanian football lovers are provided with the opportunity to be in the know, at any given moment, with the Liga I teams and protagonists.
This year’s collection is richer in terms of texts, materials and statistics, and the album comprising of 64 pages provides 4 pages dedicated to each Liga I Orange team, thus becoming a true footballing encyclopedia. Moreover, each sticker contains numerous player data: name, weight, height, date of birth, jersey number, as well as his personal record. This various and complete information, found on all Panini cards, manages to turn a simple sticker into a veritable sports ID card for each football player. In order to benefit from a full album, each collector must assemble a total of 396 stickers, found in 5-card envelopes, at every new stand in the country.

The stickers in the new “Liga I” album are created from special materials, some even made from fabric or glitter, all of it so as the value and quality of this product to increase from one season to the next. In addition, in order to find out if you are a true fan or even an expert in football, Panini will also introduce the QUIZ sticker for the first time, making you test your knowledge about football. And, finally, given the great success recorded during the previous year, Panini will once more provide collectors with the possibility of creating their own customized sticker, via the MY PANINI option.

The Panini Group, registered in Modena (Italy) and having subsidiaries in Europe, UA and Latin America, is the world leader in terms of stickers and exchange cards. The multinational company in the field of editing comic books, children’s magazines and manga books for Europe and Latin America is also the most important distributor or comics and cartoon strips for the Italian specialized bookstores, also taking an active part in various multimedia projects.

”The Panini albums have already caught the eye of the most ardent supporters of the Romanian football phenomenon. This also helps create new friendships, as the albums contribute in the drawing of an ever greater number of young people towards the stadium shows,” stated Bobby Durbac, General Manager for Durby Sports Marketing. “We are proud to contribute in the success of this project alongside a true global symbol in the promotion of the king of sports among fans throughout the world,” added Bobby Durbac.
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