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Marketing & beyond

Understanding the sports business and customer needs is our job.

Our unique business perspective and creativity is beyond expectation. It is more than marketing, it is more than customer satisfaction, it is marketing & beyond! Experience working with us!


DSM launches

On the 1st December, Durby Sports Marketing launched a sports news site containing „hot” sports information, „only sports”, as one of the site slogans sounds. The site was released on a very crowded but active market, as the news market is. The other slogan is „the site of all sports in Romania”. The new Durby product promises to shortly become an important player in the large online sports domain.
SPORTCLASIC.RO was configured to render a traditional vision on the sports news, treated in a modern manner. It will be a site for all „hot” sports news, for all sports in Romania.

By the term „traditional vision”, we understand sports classic piece of news which is short, straight to the point, brief, and with no tabloid features, no cancan, no gossip or scandal, that represent a characteristic of the press, in general!

Form the very beginning, we set ourselves away from such practices, that reduce the contents quality and message. SPORTCLASIC.RO will emphasize only the fast and quality news.

DSM is convinced that the new site, SPORTCLASIC.RO, will be successful, as it is supported by a very optimistic and experienced team of journalists, with a long activity in written and online press or in 24-hour news agencies, and with a long activity in marketing and advertising at the highest level in Romania.

Sports fans will read up-to-date sports news from sports competitions carried out within Romania or abroad, with Romanian sportsmen, rankings, programmes, previews, recommendations.

Team sports will have an important section. Football will take “the lion’s part”, as its popularity and audiences impose this well-known fact.

Individual sports performances will be treated in the same manner.

One will read here results about less visible sports, such as rounders, scale models or yachting.

Besides the news with short commentaries, we will daily have specific columns, such as the week’s interview, surveys, bets, business or legends column, all of them contributing to the concept of CLASSIC.
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