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Taking Part in a Project of Worldwide Importance

Durby Sports Marketing joins forces with promoter Eduard Irimia and contributes to the worldwide expansion of the Superkombat Fighting Championship promotion image.
The experience gained in image promotion and advertisement services for its clients in a plethora of spots loved by the public, as well the experience in marketing gained in over 15 years of activity at the highest level constitute an important advantage for the Romanian campaign and offers solid reasons for integration within an international team to support the ambitious initiative of overseas expansion and promotion of a series of events focused on contact sports.

Superkombat Fighting Championship takes a big leap in its development along with the conclusion of a broadcast agreement with one of the largest American television networks, CBS, recording revenues of 13.886 billion USD in 2015. According to this agreement, a minimum of 6 galas will be broadcast on the American continent and may be viewed in over 98 million homes through the network dedicated sports channel, CBS Sports Network.

Since 2011, Superkombat Fighting Championship has broadcast over 50 events on the most important European sports channel, in “prime time”, on Saturdays from 21:00, a fact that contributed to the creation of a huge notoriety for the brand in the field of TV shows dedicated to martial arts. During this 6-year interval, Superkombat established a few rating records, including the record during one month for all sports broadcast on the Eurosport International pan-European channel. It is worth mentioning that in 2016 Superkombat managed another record, for the highest audience for an outdoor event, with 34,000 spectators at the gala which included the world title bout for the 95 kg category. At the end of 2011, the founder of Superkombat received the award for most important European producer, while the event managed to keep its status as the largest European event broadcast worldwide in 93 countries on 5 continents for the following years. The circuit event series was hosted by a multitude of worldwide locations, such as Amsterdam, Sao Paolo, Milano, Dubai, Viena, Torino, Carrara, Darmstadt, Podgorica, Geneva, Monza, San Juan (Porto Rico), Bucharest, Mamaia, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Opatija, Varna, also adding locations where trials and eliminatory competitions were organized.

”The project for developing the Superkombat Fighting Championship promotion is very ambitious, and our involvement is at the same time honorary and binding. We are extremely honored to join this project fully associated with Romanian sport, with the largest global coverage, a true ambassador of the tricolor flag. Moreover, the sizing of the project makes us give us our best in terms of creativity and involvement and, through our involvement, we want it to reach the desired performance potential,” stated Bobby Durbac, General Manager of Durby Sports Marketing.
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