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Marketing & beyond

Understanding the sports business and customer needs is our job.

Our unique business perspective and creativity is beyond expectation. It is more than marketing, it is more than customer satisfaction, it is marketing & beyond! Experience working with us!


Five Years in the Service of Sporting Excellence and Performance

2016 is a celebratory year for Durby Sports Marketing, where a 5-year cycle of activity comes to an end. And not just any years, but the first 5 years of existence and affirmation in a field where it is counted among its pioneers, the field of sports marketing.
Built on the unique experience of Bobby Durbac, the company has constantly been adding new and unique achievements in the Romanian sporting universe. The 17 years of involvement in the field of corporate marketing, added to another 3 years of managing the marketing department of the most titled football club in Romania represents a solid experience underlying Bobby Durbac’s development of an extended set of services, some quite ingenious, addressing all actors involved in the sporting phenomenon: clubs, athletes, sponsors, spectators and last, but not least, the media.

Therefore, simply for exemplification purposes, the Marketing of celebrities and the promotion of image rights for great figures in the history of Romanian sports represent one course of action promoted within his services, where he always strived to assert the value of sporting excellence and performance and to reiterated it at every step. This was the reason why Durby Sports Marketing decided to express its mission and values within a symbol that completes the company’s logo, meant to illustrate them graphically.

The four elements of the symbol each have a meaning correlated with the company’s creed: the Scales represents balance, the equidistance and attention for carrying out all activities, the Sun stands for intensity and full dedication to the undertakings assumed, and also innovative energy, the Star – trust and positive thinking, and the Lion – power and wisdom.

”Five years may not seem like a lot in the life of company, but for us it was a baptism of fire, where we proved that we can provide our clients with innovative services of the highest quality,” admits Daniel "Bobby" Durbac, Manager of Durby Sports Marketing. ”We are now entering a new phase of our development, where we aim to consolidate the partnerships concluding in this time and to reaffirm our image as a pioneering company in the field of sports marketing” added Bobby Durbac.
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